Monday, March 12, 2007

Meghdootem !

Blue Meghdoots took over Chandigarh sky last evening. As the last couple of days were getting too hot, these clouds and later rain in the night really helped dripping the mercury to ease the residents. Here is the view last evening I saw while serving as a driver for her to market :) .

Really a splendid view! Feeling Blue?


Juneli said...

Very nice picture. A nice hue of blue colour.

It's here too drizzling. Morning it was sun and thought it would be very bright day but.....

Seeing this I felt the saying, "As the morning shows the day." sometimes goes wrong :).

I just heard a thunder meaning going to be a heavy rain or just going to prove another saying "Barking dogs never bite". or in Hindi, "Jo garjta, woh basarta nahin." or this saying also going to be proved wrong :P

See my comments is longer than your post :P

Manish said...

Heard that there was hailstorm too in Delhi!

Praney said...

Thanks Juneli, You must have seen Bulundi (Rajkumar, Danny), never trust weather. In hills, people never leave home without umbrella, even in bright sunny day.

And yeah :) your comment is longer than my post. Pls keep that pace on always as Manish is getting his comments shorter and shorter everyday.

No Manish, there was no hailstrom in Delhi. You know,Hamare Jassos sub taraf failey hue hain. :), and tell me why I felt that you are sad??