Thursday, March 29, 2007

In addition.

In addition to post Bhaye Bin.........,

After the two drill machines sent to demolish Ram Setu, broke down, the latest machine sent to drill that bridge is named 'Hanuman'.

Is this a mere coincidence (a rarest coincident really) or a cruel joke??


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Deepak Jeswal said...

I read the post on Ram Setu, it was quite an eye opener. Frankly, I remember reading it somewhere, but as ever our media is more bothered about Liz Hurley or Ash-Abhishek or Rakhi Sawant's shenanigans to really bother about the bridge. Plus, anything Hindu automatically becomes 'communal'... Great post!

Praney said...

Not strange Juneli, It's sheer humiliation. Wish they have to pay greatly for this daring act.

Welcome aboard Deepak and thanks for visiting.

Our media is just useless, so are we Hindus who are not aware and ready for protecting our own respect. And our elite government..........? You wrote the exact words, anything Hindu automatically becomes 'communal'and worth dumping.

Manish said...

Media is currently obssessed with mortal remains of Bob Woolmer, and whatever is remaning of Greg Chappel. THis story is beyond them

Aashish said...

Thanks for the views this is very moving.
Lets resolve to stop this damage.

What can we do preserve this monument. My thoughts are that lets find out the following very quickly.

a) Which are the agencies that are responsible for preservation of world heritige sites.Write to them.

b) Who are the bankers to this project. Can we represent to them and influence them to withdraw support to this project.

c) Who are the companies carrying out the work. Can we write to them+demonstrate and block the work.
Today supreme court has quashed PIL seeking ban on the project.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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