Sunday, April 15, 2007

मेरी प्रथम कविता !

In so many years, it was only today when I decided to try my hand for poetry. Surrounded by so many professional poets, this is indeed a daring attempt. But I dare and now let's see how loud they laugh.


Anonymous said...

Praney its filled with feeling....reading ur poem with music in the background .Pyar hei........ ya sazza.
Its haveing a effect on me.
Desire to read more ....its a
beautifull attempt.Thanks praney

Anonymous said...

Hey Praney who is this rupsee?????
Yaar i doint want u getting serious with her and forgetting me.It made me so jealous. By the way u wrote with so much pain that it hurts me to see u like that.
Next time i like to read a happy romantic poetry written by u with me in ur thoughts.

Praney said...

Thanks Nony, I wrote what came to my mind that moment irrespective of sadness or happiness. Will try not to sound hurt next time.

Rupsee is heroine of my dreams, it's not a name but an addressing.

Manish said...

Usually, a first hand at the poetry is the romantic one. And I must say for you, without any bias, that is a marvellous stuff.

This reminds me of one of yours earliest your posts about your youth days at Chandigarh :-)

Praney said...

Thanks for your kind motivation Manish !

Anonymous said...

Poems posted! :D

hmmm....So this was to follow my steps.


No words to prise. Keep writing.

"...Surrounded by so many professional poets,..." if you trying to include me in this category then I have to say sorry for that. I'm not a professional poet so that I don't even like to be called poet or poetess as not a single poem has been published so far nor my Hindi is good enough. I just write my feelings.

Praney said...

Thanks thanks and thanks Juneli.