Thursday, April 26, 2007


पर्वत पार क्यों जाना प्रिये
प्रेम -सुधा जब यहीं पे हो बरसे
बैठ मेरे पास तुम प्रिये

रूपसी तेरे संग को तरसे

नीर सरिता जब आंखो से बहे
अभिसार सरिता को भूल जाओगे
पी जाओ मेरे अश्कों को प्रिये
'रूपसी तेरे अनुराग को तरसे

छोड़ दी है सारी शरमो हया
तोड़ दी सब बन्धन दीवार
बाँध ले मुझे अपने आलिंगन में प्रिये
'रूपसी तेरे प्रेम -पाश को तरसे

रोम रोम में मेरे जब
खिल रही है प्रेम -कली
खो जाओ सुगंध में प्रिये

'रूपसी तेरी मदहोशी को तरसे

क्यों छेड़ना कोई राग
जब गुनगुना रहा है मेरा दिल
तेरे प्रेम के सरगम पे प्रिये
'रूपसी तेरे प्रेम -साज़ को तरसे

तेरा प्यार ही मेरा गहना
और है मेरा सोलह -श्रृंगार
जतन से तुम मुझे सजाओ प्रिये
'रूपसी तेरे प्रेम - रतन को तरसे

- रूपसी

NO ! I have not written this marvelous poem. This is a poem 'Someone' posted as a comment to my poem "आयो चलें उस पर्वत पार" !

He/she has not written his/er own name under the poem but of 'Rupsee', my imaginary dream girl. As I saw this wonderful crafting of words, for a moment I was speechless. The poem is simply overflowing with tremendously lovely feelings and affection. After I wrote आयो चलें, I thought I have written a great romantic poem but this one has shown me the mirror and yet I feel honoured.

My sincere thanks and regards to the person who wrote and share these wonderful wording with us and still don't wanna take credit. I hope he/she would show up some time soon. And I would also thank on the behalf on 'Rupsee' who always wanted to show her love for me but was always short of words.

All I wanna ask to writer, why Rupsee sounds so sad here ? As far as I know her, she is a always smiling girl. A bindass girl.


Anonymous said...

Awesome ! Praney u have many secret admires.I bet its poetess ......and in love.I agree with you that its overflowing with lovely feelings and affection.
Just great.

Anonymous said...

My Goodness, Praney!!! What's going on??? :-O

You are writing poems for Rupasee and now here we got to read another poem by someone in the name of Rupasee!! You say it's your imagine heroin!!!

Yes, whoever has written, no doubt its very beautiful and full of love and affection. God bless you both and keep writing and make us to read such passionate poems.

:) J

Praney said...

As I said before Nony I am speechless.

Yeah Juneli, may be some one has worked hard to play a trick on me. But no doubt the trick is very well crafted and beautiful.

Thanks for blessing, me and Rupsee need it most.

Anonymous said...

साँसे कल मेरी तेज हो रही थी,
जब लब पर तेरे हाथ थे ।

कसमें सारे कहीं खो गये थे,
उस दिन जब बरसात के थे ।

भींगा मन मेरा, तन कहीं भींगा,
प्रणय तेरे आगोस में मैं खोयी थी ।

कल सुबह जब मैं जागी वहाँ,
फिर भी तेरे बाहों में मैं सोयी थी ।

- रुपसी :)

Praney said...

Great poetry there!

Very touching words, very touching thoughts. Nothing else can be more romantic.

My standing ovations.

But 'Rupsee' gonna be smart. should not use the same style that some Karamchand should catch her. :)

Anonymous said...

Tum to yahan sabke nirmal Praney the,
Yun Karamchand tum kyon ban gaye.

Tere dware 'statcounter', main na gaungi,
Hata do inhe, tabhi is aangan aaungi.

Praney said...

LOL, only a person knows about Karamchand .