Tuesday, April 24, 2007

आयो चलें उस पर्वत पार !

What else to say ?


Anonymous said...

Praney where are u takeing me?
From ur 1st poetry i have been captivated .Your feelings are so pure and profound .Do you know how many times i read ur poetry.......takeing help to understand each word .
Praney you made my life more beautifull. thanks dear

Praney said...

Am I capable of that, Nony ?

Anonymous said...

What is the meaning of "UtaNg" or it should be "Uttal" .... As you know I'm asking due to my poor knowledge.

And you have written shraNkhala and ShraNgar instead of shrinkhala and shriNgar. Is it due to some problem in font or or..???

:) J

Praney said...

Thanks for pointing out Juneli ! All the points are taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Love the song........sooooooooooo romantic.Dance with me Praney....

Anonymous said...

Yes, you have made the changes but not fully.

Anyway, here I'm finally to give you my comments.

Too Romantic.

You are too good to express your extreme feelings. This poem is really the best one.

Aab toh aap ke class lena padega.

Keep writing. :)

:) J

Praney said...

It's cherry pink and apple blossom white when your true lover comes your way, Nony ! :)

Anonymous said...


parvat paar kyon jana priye
prem-sudha jab yahin pe ho arase
baith mere paas tum priye
'Roopasee' tere sang ko tarase

neer sarita jab aankho se bahe
abhisaar sarita ko bhul jaoge
pee jaao mere ashq ko priye
'Roopasee' tere anurag ko tarase

chhod di hai sare sharmo haya
tod di sab bandhan deewar
baandhle mujhe apne aalingan mein priye
'Roopasee' tere prem-pash ko tarase

rom rom mein mere jab
khil rahi hai prem-kali
kho jaao sugandh mein priye
'Roopasee' tere madhoshi ko tarase

kyon chhedana koi raag
jab gunguna raha hai mera dil
tere prem ke saragam pe priye
'Roopasee' tere prem-saaz ko tarase

tera pyaar hi mera gahena
aur hai mera solha-shringar
jatan se tum mujhe sajao priye
'Roopasee' tere prem ratan ko tarase

- Roopasee

Anonymous said...

Who is this Praney????????????
I thought Rupsee was just imaginary ......... you made me so jealoussssssss.

Praney said...


As I have many times quoted before, I just write blah blah , this Anunay made me speechless.

My deepest thanks from my heart to you Anamika, for giving words to Rupsee's thoughts.

Just Supereb !

Praney said...

I dont know Nony, but really wanna know, must be a fantastic poet/poetess.