Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cross Roads ! Part One

The car was running down the hill at the zigzag road. It was bright summer late morning and sky was as clear as the silent blue ocean. Ridding the car were three friends, happily chatting and laughing, though none of them were married but they were discussing a ‘not at all related’ topic of ‘how to bring up kids’.

As usual Sambhav was driving borrowed sky blue colored Fiat of his father, which was most of the time used to be at his disposal and was trusted source of joyride for him and his friends. Sitting by his side was his gorgeous girlfriend Shubhra wearing white suit with green brush strokes designed by her self and Punjabi traditional shoes effort fully chosen for her by Sambhav from an interior far away village of Punjab. Though Sambhav was driving the car, as well was the main participant of the discussion, he through the corner of his eyes would take an affectionate look at Shubhra every two minutes and she too knew that very well and was smiling back at him every moment their eyes would meet. She had made herself up just like Sambhav always wanted her to be and she knew he was simply overjoyed with her looks today. They were in the relation since many years and it was a well known thing among their friends and half the town. The only other participant of the discussion was Divya, sitting at the back seat of car and was bit another view of Sambhav’s. Shubhra would never argue with Sambhav or even would indulge in such discussions. She likes to remain silent and only would speak up her view when strongly insisted by others. She never liked Sambhav’s getting serious in such topics but in a corner of her heart she always felt love for him to be so honest of his views and she will always shift to the same opinion of him. Many times she used to think why she always agrees with him? Was it cause of her affection for him, they both were of same mind set or he is just on right track always?

The cassette in the stereo player of the car reached that time famous romantic song, ‘Phela nasha pehla pyar’ and all of three started singing together along the player. As the sun was getting high the heat started getting on. And because they were heading towards a lower area, the cool breeze coming in from the down slide glasses of the windows of car was getting hotter too. Sambhav again took a look at her and saw her pearl fair face slowly turning red cause of heat just like someone has thrown the saffron leaves in the hot milk. A drop of sweat came out from her nicely cut hairs, rolled down to her pink cheek and vanished down her neck. ‘Poor baby’, he thought. Had Divya not sitting behind the seat he would had kissed her. “I should have not agreed to visit Amit” The idea again came to his mind third time since morning. He was totally against the idea of going to Amit’s new place. It was only Shubra who made him agree to take Divya to Amit. The train of thoughts left the platform and started speeding towards the past in his brains.

Divya in her first year of graduation was cousin of Shubhra who was in second year of the same girls’ college. Sambhav and Amit were close friends in their final years of graduation in another college. Amit and he became friends from the day they met first time in the college in that time’s much hyped plus one. Though both of them were of totally opposite nature, a strange bond of friendship tied them together firmly. Sambhav was a person of strong likings and dislikings and always remained within invisible limits drawn by him self on the name of principles. Amit on the other side was a boy who through out his life had not gone through any restrictions of do’s and don’ts and had ‘enjoyed’ the every thing in his life. Initially Amit used to make fun of the views of Sambhav and Sambhav used to raise his eyebrow on the Amit’s habits, but by the passage of time both started getting used to each other and would bear & sometimes ignore the unacceptable too. As the time went on Amit started respecting Sambhav’s thoughts and surprisingly started watching changes in his own attitude.

Shubhra came to Sambhav’s life in these days only. It was a stunning pleasant surprise for all the Sambhav’s friends because he was known for running away from girls. Amit was most amazed by him as he kept running behind the girls all the years but could not find a ‘perfect’ girl for him so far despite many affairs. With the days passing on Sambhav and Shubra come too close and decided to marry only each other whenever possible. Because of them Divya came in the vision of Amit and he fell for her. One day very reluctantly he asked Sambhav to help him to bring Divya in his life and promised Sambhav to not to run after any other girl if she comes to his life. And that way story started of Amit and Divya.

To be continue……………………


Anonymous said...

The pict is breath taking. Will read the content later on :)

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the next part.

Praney said...

Thanks Juneli, next part coming soon.