Saturday, April 21, 2007

कुछ तुम भी तो कहो !!

This is not my fault. I never thought of keep posting almost same expressions for four times in a row. Though Manish, Deepak and most of all, Nony made me fly high, it was only Juneli who helped me landing back safely on the ground of reality and I decided to stay off this job as I already was for years.

But I think, I should blame this Rupsee for not letting me put down the pen or keep my fingers off this keyboard. Her thoughts have taken command over me and forcing me to keep doodle. So my request to all the friends to find Rupsee and put her under trial.

Till then please bear with me. Sorry Juneli, you have to ignore my blah blah till I get over it. (though I don't see this happening in far future)

PS. Thanks Noreen for this beautiful picture !


Anonymous said...

Blame Rupsee! my god Praney what r u saying? I feel she is wonderfull person to have this effect on you.The poetry u have writen is priceless..Just reading it has effected me.The emotion u have expressed have depth in it.Belive me Praney no poems have effected me like urs.Dear like to wish you all the best in love.God bless

Anonymous said...

ab kya bolein..........

Praney said...

ok fine Nony, I wont blame and here I agree with you fully that She is a wonderful person. If you get effected I am sure Rupsee will be too. Thanks for your wishes.

Just bolti raho Juneli, you will look like Jassi if you keep mum. LoL (kidding again)

Anonymous said...

Except some typos - Badhn = BaNdh, Ban raho + Bani Raho, the emotions, feelings, prem-manuhar and shabda-chayan in the poem is excellent.

This poem has completely washed out my complain in the previous poem.

I'm thankful to the "Rupasee" that she didn't let you to put off from this job. Keep writing.

:) Juneli

Anonymous said...

"Rupasee" whoever you are (I hope you are reading this), you are very beautiful. I'm talking about here your inner beauty that motivates Praney to bring his deep love, affection and desire for you as beautiful poems.

Keep inspiring him :).

: Juneli

Praney said...

'BaNdh' I agree is a proof mistake. Thanks for pointing out. 'Ban Raho' is fine I think cos it's not nessasary to write only 'bani'. For example writing, " Kewal meri BAN kar raho" wont spoil the sentence.

Really thanks a lot Juneli, for your kind motivations.

Praney said...

And sadly I have to admit that Rupsee is only an imaginary heroien of my dreams. I wish she was a real person. Sigh !

Anonymous said...

As far I understand if the word "Ban" followed by the other word "kar" then it looks fine but "ban raho"!!!!??? I have no more comments as Hindi is not my language. So iss maamle mein main chup hi rahungi.

hmmm ahw ia an imaginary heroien of your dreams..... par pata nahin dil nahin manta yeh manane ko :P.

:) J for Jassi :P