Friday, April 20, 2007

मैंने अनुभव किया है !

Since last few days being so busy about the dreadful 'busi ness' of business, nothing much came in mind to think about and to post, but these same feelings are hovering over consistently. I don't know what the reason is, but 'fabricating' words started to seem such an easy task. May be expressing your real deepest thought is the most easy thing to perform?? May be !


Anonymous said...

I'm back here too.

So many poems!!! let me me read them one by one.

:) J

Anonymous said...

bahut sundar anubhutiyan hain
na jane kyon lagta hai adha-adhura hai......

I mean I didn't felt that the exteem feelings what should be in this poem. I hope you got my point. This is my view point only might it would differ with others.

purant geeton ke "milane" naye arth.... "Milane" ?????

And I think (-) should be used in between kavit-rachna, as you used adjective not the known Kavita.

And the flow of feelings is broken in second santza....after the third line. the forth line sounds awkward and not going with the flow with the three lines you have written. Of course it's the following line of the third but yet it's not going with the flow of the previous two lines.

Hope I didn't say too much

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mentioned that the picts you have used in the previous post are very apt :)

Praney said...

Hey Ram !

Meri Tauba Juneli, will never try again!

Thank god atleast you liked the pics !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Keep it up man ! You shall rise high - as I am saying.

Praney said...

Make your view Juneli and not faces. By the way this face look like jassi. Hahaha.

Thanks Anonymous !

Anonymous name getting so popular here that it looks like I have to start giving numbers to this name. Anony 1, Anony 2, Anony 3 ............. :)