Thursday, April 26, 2007

प्रणय के दोहे !


Anonymous said...

lol , love this one.Like the style and the humour in it.Praney ur blog is a perfect package of lovely feelings .

Anonymous said...

You are really amazing Praney. It's your fifth poem in raw!!!

First you wrote poem, then Nazm, and now Doha, and next might be ghazals. :)

"Rupasee, aap dhanya ho Devi, Sidhe-Sadhe Praney ko ek Kavi bana diya."

Hey I recalled here a song. It does not suit with your state as you already became a poet but still I would like to mentioned the song..." main kahin kavi naa ban jaaun tere pyar mein ai Kavita...."

I think the song, "Main shayar toh nahin magar ai hansin (Rupasee).... " would fit for you. :D

:) J

Praney said...

Thanks for Inayatdari Juneli, dohe I know but will you pls tell me the difference between kavita, nazm & ghazal ? (and you call me amazing):P

lol, thanks for songs!