Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hi Again !

Remember me? Tishay here !

What is this, you are not ready yet? Don't you remember it's 28th today and my birthday? Hurry up, all have to come. Same time, same venue and same rules. See you all there. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes Tishay, I remember you but I don't know whether you remember me or not. I'm your new friend Juneli :).

So now you are five years old. When is your Anna-prasanna (Food Feading) ceremony? Do you people celebrate it or not? Hope you would not forget me to invite :D.

You are looking very nice in this picture.

Love you. :)

Anonymous said...

Aap ko pata hai ke papa bahut bholu bante hain.

Aap ka itana uniqe Sanskrit naam "Tishay" rakh diye hai lekin humse, Kavita, Nazm aur Ghazal ke differences poonch rahe hain!!!!

aap bata den ki yeh sab aap ke nai girl-friends ke naam hai.

Kavita - chahari aur tikhe naak-nakshwali hai
Nazm ka pata nahin kyon ki uski bus jheel si gaheri aankhein hi dikhati burqke mein se, aur

Ghazal - bahut sidhi-sadhi, moti si ladaki hai
juski bani bahut madhur hai.


Praney said...

Juneli, Are you kidding dear? Five YEARS??? It's five months yet. So no Anna Prashanna yet?

Thanks for liking the pic, now what to say, I know I am smart ;)

And these girl friends funda is cool, where can I meet them??


Anonymous said...

Very Good Morning Tishay, :)

Ops!!! I mean Five months not Five year.

So you have not eaten solid food yet. We have Annaprasanna ceremony is done in between 5-8 months.

Those are your GF na you must know.

Anonymous said...

Happy to uuuuuuuu my poocha ,
soooo cuddly ur smile.Darling wish me too.. its my birthday too .Me and u both r 28th born, so today when i cut the cake i have 2 big pices of choclate truffle .... 1 for u and 1 for me.,
God Bless u my sweety.

Manish said...

Happy belated birthday, Tishay. You seems to enjoying yourself. That's a lovey smile. God bless.

Praney said...

Thank you Nony for such a sweet pariii, and happy birthday to you too. But hey I want the bigger part of the cake.;)

Thanks Chachu, and how's Aryan?